RadioPlay Band performs all the greatest songs ever played on radio live!  This band features two lead singers, male and female; which means they can perform any song from any genre any time.  Whether as a duo or as a full group, RadioPlay Band will not just perform songs great live but also will ENTERTAIN your audience by getting them involved!

As a full band, RadioPlay Band features stellar musicianship consisting of some of Canada’s finest session musicians!  Does your event need a horn section?  Maybe a string section?  RadioPlay Band can deliver; having most recently performed as a 10-piece band for a fundraiser in support of Sunnybrook Hospital!

One of Toronto’s best-kept secrets no longer; RadioPlay Band has most recently performed at Hard Rock Casinos in Ontario and Starlight Casino on New Year’s Eve!  They next appear for a two-nighter at Hard Rock Casino Ottawa on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16!

Come out and witness RadioPlay Band live and you’ll know why they’re booked only in casinos, theatres, and major corporate venues!

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